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  • November 28, 2020
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Brittany Davis

All the pain from my past made me seek comfort and I found it in Art and Fashion here!

Btittnay was born and raised in Trinidad and moved to New York in 2014. She shared that she lived in a broken home, was the victim of abuse and suffered from severe depression at a young age. As a result of her trauma, Britnay moved to America to live with her mother.

The pain from her past propelled Brittnay to to seek comfort, which she found in Art and Fashion. She always had a love for art and began drawing at the tender age of 3; she was a natural! She went to high school in Flushing New York, where she excelled and was accepted into her dream college, The Fashion Institute of Technonogy; ranked best fashion university in the world.

At the institute, Brittnay pursued her talents and completed her first painting in 2016. She continued to perfect her skills and posted her artwork on Facebook in 2018, which went viral. She got numerous messages from people requesting paintings and at that point she decided to start her business which she executed a few months later at the age of 20.

Brittnay has experienced much success with her paintings and has gone viral numerous times which helped her to gain supporters all over the world. As a result of going viral, she gained a large social media following which helped her to gain more recognition overtime. Brittnay has been featured on The Shaderoom, Voyage Los Angeles and in Atlanta magazines and other local articles. She has been accpted by organizations such as “RawArtists,” to be showcased on their shows and various platforms, and she continues to rise to the occation. Her dream became a reality at a young age and with each month that passes, Brittnay has had countless opportunities which have been stepping stones in her career.

She recently turned 22 years old in February of this year and has reached further than she anticipated. She is currently building a platform to help people with similar life stories and goals. “I hope to help my fellow Trinidadians and inspire them to achieve thier goals,” Brittnay shared. “Living in America has helped me tremendously to live my dreams and I receive a ton of support from people worldwide, especially the Caribbean disapora”

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Brittany Davis

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