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  • June 25, 2022
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Shane Creative

Greatness behind a camera

Oshane Junior, more popularly known as Shane Creative, founder and director of Wikid Media had his humble beginnings as a native son of Kingston City. Attending Jamaica College, one of the city’s most prestigious high schools, he had the typical upbringing of most young men in Kingston, and yet he had a drive that set him apart. At the root of this drive was the ambition to be great. But it wasn’t always apparent to the young Kingstonian what exactly he was destined to be great at and this reflected in his earlier pursuits. Initially, Shane was inspired by a friend turned promoter to get involved in the party business, forming what would later be stylized, as the Party Gods. After a few successful ventures in this field, Shane eventually got his hands on a camera and for the first time, Shane was able to do his own shooting.

Much to Shane’s surprise, an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented itself while shooting at a party one night. Shane’s friend introduced him to Chi Ching Ching, one of Jamaica’s most prominent Dancehall acts of this era. Shane made the most of the meeting by shooting the entire experience and stood up all night to edit and deliver a polished video to Ching the following day. Ching was highly impressed by the video, Ching shared it on his socials and with Popcaan the artiste whose label he was signed to at the time. Ching set up a link between the two and the rest was history. Most recently Shane has demonstrated his interest in elevating the visual standard for music videos in Jamaica, with the official video for the big collaborative track “We Rise” by Mothersile.

Although Shane’s successes are recent, Shane’s grind has been ongoing, and now that Shane is in a place of consistency, he sets his sights on filmmaking and documentary. The young director is already hard at work on his debut film which is yet to be named. Wikid Media, under Shane’s leadership, has come a far way in a short time and continues to surpass expectations. Right in time for the Summer Shane filmed and directed Ding Dong’s new video for his song “Bounce. Shane’s creativity in the video helped make this song go viral quick. The video sparked a dance challenge and quickly rose to the top of many charts.

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Shane Creative

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