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  • September 6, 2022
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Tower Band

Meet the energetic, and trending reggae and dancehall band.

Tower Music Media Group (TMMG) is a multifaceted production company that specializes in professional quality music production, music video production, Song writing, Artistes development, beat production, Music Mixing and Mastering, Event planning and coordinating, Artists Management, Public Relations, Music Marketing and Promotion.

The Entity Tower Band is also owned and Managed by TMMG, Tower Band has started on a solid and humble foundation and after eight years of building, this Tower is still growing higher with the strides it has made and many notable accomplishments which include backing band for major local and international stage shows and featuring international artistes such as; Junior Kelly, Marcia Griffiths, Ken booth, Tanya Stephens, Bugle, Jahshii, Skeng, Teejay, I-octane, Nadine Sutherland, Richie Spice Gyptian, Jahvillani, Rytikal, Kevin Downswell, Half Pint, Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Elli B, just to name a few. Tower Band’s vision is to take reggae and Dancehall music over and beyond the standard that was set by the great revolutionaries and as a result are embarking on the mission of compiling an EP Album from which they have released a single titled “Rich in Spirit. Behold the Image, hear the sweetest sounds and entertainment. You are guaranteed to live and experience the Tower Band legacy.

Meet the great ones behind the most amazing, energetic, and trending reggae and dancehall band:
Andre “Kryss Ras” Barnes on drums; supporting vocalist, manager, band leader, marketing and Promotions agent. Andre is very hyper-energetic and passionate about his craft.

Rayon “Professor” Smith on keyboards, is a very talented individual that wears several hats including lead vocalist, songwriter studio engineer, video editor, video director, and music producer. Corey Coombs on lead guitar and supporting vocalist is the man with “the sauce”, a songwriter and a farmer. Mario “King marz” Ramsey is the bassist and musical Director, a very talented musician with a keen ear for melody and harmonious musical arrangements. David “Tesla” Mclish is the keyboard player, and an excellent music and beats producer. Shane Williams, Sound Engineer. Michael “Bear” Hayles, Trumpeter and Road Manager.

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Tower Band

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