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  • November 28, 2020
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ZJ Liquid

Liquid Share his point of view.

For me, my inspiration comes from different artists, but at the same time, it’s like they IN-SPIRE me”

Known to the world as ZJ LIQUID, Michael Brissett is a real-life success story. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, ZJ Liquid got into music production in 2003 transforming himself into one of the most heavily demanded Disc Jockeys (DJs) in the Caribbean and overseas.

Among his hit rhythm projects are Good Book, French Vanilla, Man Fi Dead, 12 Gauge, and Fix-Up. Girls Gone Wild by Assassin, Crazy Hype (Elephant Man), Too Much Gun (Busy Signal), and Good Book (Demarco) are some of the hit songs he has produced. Liquid is known for his work with ZIP 103 FM, “Jamaica’s Party Station,” synonymous with playing the newest hits.

His latest project, which is Liquid’s debut album, Point A View, was released in early October and it features collabs with Beenie Man, Dane Ray, Dean Fraser, and K’Coneil.

Just recently, back in October at the 2020 BET HIP HOP AWARDS, Dancehall and Reggae were on full display as they highlighted and honored Jamaican soundclash culture. With performances by Skip Marley, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Koffee, and Shenseea, ZJ Liquid was front and center on the turntables holding down the Reggae cypher event. In a telephone interview with ZIP 103FM, he dubbed it a “historic moment” and added that it will be “bigga dan Verzuz!”

Pandemic Hits

Roxxi: With COVID-19, which impacted the entertainment industry tremendously, how has the pandemic affected you personally and your career?

DJ Liquid: My lifestyle and career involve me continually traveling, so you know COVID-19 definitely put a glitch in my thing. As an international DJ/recording artist with a worldwide fanbase, usually at any given time, it would have been a busy time for me to promote my project and or performing at events. But we afi gwaan work wid it enuh, and for me personally, COVID-19 allowed me to lock down and improve myself in many ways. I got the chance to listen back to my catalog and see what I needed to improve on as an artist, which also allowed me to improve my DJing skills. For me, basically, the global pandemic is like a RECHARGE.

Striking Gold!

Roxxi: You recently struck Gold in Canada with a song you produced called “Can’t Believe” which features Kranium,Ty Dolla $ign and Wizkid, which garnered over 500k in sales. What does this success mean for you? Do you feel pressured now to continue on that winning streak?

DJ Liquid: Well, for me, I have been winning from day one, because the goals I set I’ve achieved. My achievements came by putting in hard work and always persevering and believing in myself. I don’t feel pressured by that success. In fact, I’m immensely grateful for the success of that project with Kranium going Gold. But my goal is to set a legacy.

Roxxi: Listening to your new project, the first thing I noticed was the impressive lineup of collabs…from well-established artists to the newcomers. Then, there was the versatility in the production of each song on the album. Tell us about the making of “Point of View.”

DJ Liquid: I work with my cousin Minto Piere a lot. He is getting a lot of buzz right now, but he has been working diligently in the business for a long time. He is very creative as a composer because I can share my production ideas with him and execute it the way I want. I do 80% of my writing from day one, but I don’t mind accepting input just to create a moment because I’m always collaborating with people. Dane Ray, I-Octane, K.Flow, and Seanizzle are some of the other producers on the project.

Roxxi: Do you find it hard to juggle being a producer vs. being a recording artist? What’s the transition like for you since you pretty much handle both so well?

DJ Liquid: For me, I was always hanging around the studio, still hanging around artists from my early days in Mobay. I was hosting events too, but mostly djing. But differently, being a DJ and a recording artist, it’s the same space for me. I’m always on the stage, ever having my own mic…being a vocal person was always my ting. I’m still entertaining the crowd, only this time I’m deejaying my own songs.

Be sure to stream/download Point A View on all streaming platforms!

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ZJ Liquid

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