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  • December 9, 2021
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Shireen B

Shireen B – Mistress of Jab

Oil, dirt, horns, fire breathers and waistlines gyrating to high energy Soca music is the embodiment of Grenadian jab!  Queen of Jab herself, Shireen B., who hails from Grenada “Land of Jab”, has had a deep love and passion for her festive culture since childhood.   Shireen drips with oily sex appeal and leaves her audience wanting more gritty goodness! 

Shireen describes Soca music as instrumental and electrifying, which brings out a joy that can only be felt; words cannot describe!  At the age of 5, her interest in Soca music was piqued and she knew at that tender age that she would evolve into the successfully sassy entertainer that she is today! 

Shireen emerged on the scene in 2019 with her first single release, “Bend Right Ova,” which lead to her first stage performance merely two days after its release!  Since her debut hit, she has released four additional bangers, in which she collaborated with the likes of Madman Pantha, K Money, JRE and Problem Child.  

Her breakthrough song of 2021, “Viral Jab,” featuring K Money, ripped the airways and created a viral movement, with the creation of a challenge and reposts by major platforms and supporting fans. 

Tell us about viral jab; how did it originate? Viral Jab Riddim was produced by Big Red Productions. The structure of the song was highly influenced by JRE who is also an artist/producer/song writer from Monsta Entertainment. He took our vocals and assisted us with constructing the song with the intent to be catchy, commanding and powerful at the same time. I have to give all credits to JRE

How did the collaboration with K Money happen? K Money has always been my number one supporter since I decided to do my first song. He has a background in the music industry in the Hip Hop genre and is also very musically diverse. We decided in 2019 to do a song together, but our schedules conflicted.  The pandemic, though unfortunate, presented the opportunity for us to connect and work on Viral Jab, which was released in March 2021. 

Tell us about the song’s success. K Money and I have secured bookings across the country and Canada since the song’s release.  We have been contacted for multiple interviews and received a number of dub requests.  The song is definitely taking us to higher heights. 

What is currently in the works? The newest excitement in the industry for me is working with The amazing Problem Child! He has exposed me to being on a riddim with Wetty Beats, the Michief Riddim, which was released on June 11th 2021.  Both Problem Child and Wetty Beats are known as hit makers in the industry. Problem mentioned wanting to help me advance my musical journey and within a week of our initial conversation, he sent me a demo and we were immediately in the studio!  

Container was written by Problem and it was released this past summer!  Working with him has helped my growth and I am looking forward to future projects. 

 You performed at a few shows where Mr. Killa was headlining. Are you thinking of collaborating with Mr. Killa in the future? That will definitely be something I’m interested in. Who knows maybe one day it will happen. Working with legendary artists  is not something I ask for as I’m very new and I want to remain humble, but I’m not going to let opportunities pass by if the deal is right. What is meant to be will be. 

A Shireen B and Mr. Killa collaboration is definitely one I’m here for! The talent and energy of these two musical bodies combined, will be an explosion of fiery and intoxicating goodness!   

This emerging Soca sensation has so much more in store and we are waiting in anticipation for her to unleash more “jabtastic” music!  

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Shireen B

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