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  • September 6, 2022
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Cannabis-Infused Wine

The luxury infused wine brand known as BeEdible, LLC is brought to you by Tiffany. A graduate of Catholic University and The Columbus School of Law; with a certification in Intellectual Property,” to “A graduate of Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law; with a certification in Intellectual Property.

As time progressed, the negative social stigma surrounding cannabis use, not only medicinally, but also recreationally began to dissipate. Shortly, her passion for the cannabis industry began to align with widespread social acceptance and Tiffany jumped at the chance to start BeEdible, a Limited Liability Company. The self proclaimed “Socalite”, Soca Lover, and entrepreneur launched, at the height of the pandemic, her very own line of CBD & THC infused wine products. You can find all of the cannabis-infused wine products she has to offer at www.BeEdible.com.

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Cannabis-Infused Wine

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