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  • August 6, 2021
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Hot Ones

Daniel Loveless
Content Producer & Media Mogul

If there is a Caribbean name synonymous with a TV show based on questions and answers, Daniel Loveless is it.
The twenty-two-year-old personality built his widely successful entertainment career, on asking complete strangers a diverse range of trivia questions on his hit game show What Yuh Know? It is a production that hundreds of thousands of fans rely on for laughs, and it broke the internet with five hundred thousand (500K) views, after just 3 days of its February 2016 release date.

Born and raised in Arima, Trinidad, influencer Daniel Loveless, has a flair for interpersonal communication. His ability to connect with the masses catapulted him to the top ranks of television hosts and entertainment personalities throughout the Caribbean.

Daniel built his brand on an appetite for knowledge and Caribbean flavour. Now, ready for a new and spicy challenge, Tempo Networks welcomes the social media sensation to serve up the sauce, as he assesses the lives and careers of his celebrity guests in the hot seat. While there, their taste buds will be put to extreme tests, as he serves up some dish to keep us “in the know”.

Daniel’s impressive research background, his disarming personality and ability to solicit honest responses from his interviewees, make him the ideal host of Hot Ones Caribbean. Not excluding his wit and creativity, Daniel Loveless knows how to turn any appearance he makes, into a memorable moment. We dare say he is a “Hot One”.

Hot Ones Caribbean is based upon a melting pot that thrives on familiarity, humour and fun. Our warm Caribbean aesthetic and unique oral expressions, lay safe in the capable hands of the entertainment frontrunner, whose following spans more than 27 destinations, with a multi-platform influence base of over eight hundred thousand, via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What Yuh Know? remains the Number 1 YouTube Series originating in Trinidad and Tobago. “If yuh didn’t know; now yuh know!”

Frederick A. Morton, Jr.
Founder, Chairman & CEO TEMPO Networks

Frederick Morton, Jr. is the visionary behind TEMPO Networks, a dynamic celebration of all things Caribbean.

Born and raised in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands to Nevisian parents, Morton knew that the Caribbean holds an irresistible magnetism. “Its people, its history, its culture, its music, its breathtaking scenery – no one can really deny that the Caribbean may just be earth’s last Eden!” Morton also knew that he would deliver that joy to people everywhere. With characteristic drive, he set about achieving the qualifications that would help him realize his dream. A BA and JD in Law from Rutgers University, and a MA in public administration from Columbia University were just the beginning. He maintained his immersion in Caribbean culture and knew he would create a groundbreaking venture someday. Morton has brought forth the Caribbean TEMPO permeating the hearts and souls of Caribbean people. “There are millions of Caribbean people in and out of the Caribbean, all around the world, that embody the enduring spirit of the region; a spirit of an extraordinary people with an extraordinary story, ready to be told”. Morton knew TEMPO could enhance the further development of the Caribbean and its formidable people. “Caribbean people have a passion for living, which shines through everything they do. TEMPO will continue to be a formidable bridge to this culturally rich and trendsetting community.”

Morton is at the helm of a vast undertaking that is celebrating over 15 years of operations. With characteristic assurance of a creatively (almost mystically) driven soul, he says of the future, “the love of God, passion and faith will most certainly continue to clear the path for the rise of the Caribbean through TEMPO”. This is a man constantly erupting with ideas, whom is too forward thinking to rest on his considerable laurels. “I like to say that it is not about eureka moments, it is about a eureka lifetime”.

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Hot Ones

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