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  • March 30, 2021
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Jermaine Culley


The son of immigrant Guyanese parents, CEO of Carcierge Worldwide, Jermaine Culley wanted to bring a sense of community and home to his company. A graduate of Berkeley College, where he majored in marketing, with a focus on business administration and development, Culley grew up in Flatbush Brooklyn, and has lived there since age 12. He attests his work ethic as being influenced by the American hustle ideal, merged with working hard, and valuing people. For years, he observed that many people within the Caribbean community who purchased cars, saved a wad of cash, and walked into a dealership where they paid more, and ultimately were mere customers who did not gain anything beyond a vehicle. He felt that these consumers were not getting the best value for their money, especially when they felt more obligated than anything to follow through with a purchase from a typical car broker because of the waiting game that often comes with such transactions. Culley sought to change the car buying experience for the average car seeker who thought it best to use straight funds, as opposed to financing, to get a new vehicle.

Based in New Jersey, and established in (2020), Carcierge offers clients car leasing, financing, car rental and credit repair services, in some cases. The goal of the service is to provide clients with hassle free vehicle buying experiences from the moment the topic is broached. Whenever they are ready, potential clients can search the inventory on the website for the car they like, by make, year or price, whether they are leasing, buying, or financing the vehicle, with the latter providing options where clients can be sure to receive the payment plans which fit their needs, without them having to spend too much hard cash. Carcierge promises to have clients traveling in style, and if a car is not present on the site, despite the varied catalogue, it can be sourced. Clients are advised to just ask for anything they need. Carcierge also provides car rental services to persons seeking shorter termed arrangements.

Upon contact, clients are assigned carnoisseurs, who guide them throughout the process of car ownership. This unique arrangement allows for staff to gain an awareness of customers’ individual desires, thus facilitating advocacy for their situations, while focusing on the concerns of the company. Clients are guided and coached by carnoisseurs to gauge and assess what best fits their needs. For example, some people may not be aware of the feasibility of leasing a vehicle, in comparison to financing one. A carnoisseur would be able to explain that leasing a car is somewhat akin to dating it, while financing a vehicle is a bit longer term and can be likened to marrying the said vehicle. These carnoisseurs are also available to clients in urgent situations and will even assist consumers with getting their damaged vehicles repaired, if necessary, and even after acquisition. In addition, they offer insurance guidance to ensure the seamless acquisition of such to clients and potential customers. Carcierge’s carnoisseurs also partner with the credit bureaus and banks, and will guide clients through credit repair, if possible. At the very least they will assist customers with credit and identity monitoring to get them closer to the place they need to be in, financial wise. The company ships mainly across the United States; however, they also handle worldwide orders and one can get the car you want delivered straight to your door wherever one is located.

Culley wants his clients to “call him first!” and provides an “incomparable experience for the average Caribbean consumer” when conducting business, through first-rate customer service and support. He believes fostering a relationship with clients will enable him to grow and make an impact within the car industry. In offering service beyond the sale of the car, using transparent practices, and giving clients that personalized attention, he hopes to dominate the car dealing market and enhance the car buying process. If one only has a learner’s permit, he can get you mobile. He posits that by selling more than one vehicle to Caribbean families, he will “hold on to people” and build an endless clientele, through positive word of mouth and trust. That sense of community will foster the general expansion of his company and aid in his domination of the industry.

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Jermaine Culley

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