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  • September 6, 2022
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DJ Cheem

Hailing from Barbados, Tacheem Bovell, DJ Cheem, is a Bajan/American Soca artist who spent most of his childhood in Barbados. He came to America is 2009 and by the time 2015 came, he had found his passion and place in music a a DJ, Mixing his Bajan and Jamaican roots together, DJ Cheem began playing high school platforms and that led to colleges and then to radio where he landed a weekly spot on WLIU. He began creating music with hits such as “Gyal Ah Wine” and “Wine & Ben”. This led to DJ Cheem slowly edging away from Djing and strictly making music where did that lead DJ Cheem.

“Ba Ba Ben” Has had over 100 million streams worldwide Since it’s release in 2020. To add to it, Dj Cheem has released smash hits like “Ba Ba Ben Remix” featuring Lyrikal, Noah Powa and Lil Rick, “Bing Bong”, “Bashment“, and his latest release with Jamaica’s own IQ “Soca Start” has topped over 640,000 streams in just the first six weeks! He has also collaborated with Nailah Blackman, Adamo and QQ on “Body”. His famous song “Ba Ba Ben” created such a household dance of “head, shoulders, knees and toes” that Tik Tok brought videos in from over 18 different countries by the millions.

DJ Cheem has hit stages in Barbados, NYC, Toronto Montreal, and Atlanta and is on his way to Antigua, Guyana and Trinidad. His solo album “Voice of the New Gen” is a body of work showing his versatility and hits hard in the soca genre worldwide. He is proud to be the voice of the “New Gen” and continues to push boundaries and create timeless songs made for every fete and event.

What’s next for DJ Cheem? What’s next for me is trying to get my name out there more while putting soca on map, I want to do things no soca artiste did before. More shows and collabs.

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DJ Cheem

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