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  • August 6, 2021
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Jah Vinci

No Virgin to the Music Game

I always go into interviews with very little expectations. I like being surprised, or just learning about an artiste in their natural state. I did not know much about this partiular one, but I was told by many that he was a true performer in every sense of the word. I went to this interview in anticipation of dialoguing with a singer and songwriter by the name of Jah Vinci, but ended up interviewing a polarizing artiste by the name of Jah Vinci. I was blown away and apparently so is the world.

He calls himself “The World Singer”, but he should be called “The Voice.” Born Kirk Rhoden, singer and songwriter Jah Vinci really stands in a league of his own. We live in a time where technology can be utilized to make almost anyone sound as if they can sing, but this man needs no special effects, no autotune, or what some artistes refers to as, “extra juice”. Jah Vinci’s voice is an instrument. He has the perfect pitch, perfect tone, vibrato that challenges most human capabilities. The singer sounds even better in person, and almost exactly like the recorded version of his songs. This ‘world singer’ should probably also be called ‘the alien’ because his gift is outer worldly.

MY NAME IS: The name Jah Vinci is just as unique as the singer’s voice. I asked the crooner how he came up with his unique name and he stated that he and a friend by the name of Keely was catching a vibe in the studio one day and Keely came up with name Da Vinci. Jah Vinci did a little research and discovered that the name belonged to a famous artist and painter. He thought the name had a nice ring, but wanted to add his own spin to it, so he decided on Jah Vinci, as “Jah” is powerful. We shared a moment of laughter, when I asked Jah Vinci if he is a fashion dread or a real Rasta, because during my visit I saw a Rasta man eating pork. Jah Vinci laughed and said “Mi real man, but dread different from Rasta. Him definitely was a fashion dread.” With his new-found moniker, Jah Vinci now must live up to his name, which represents excellence in its highest form.

NO VIRGIN TO HIS CRAFT: Jah Vinci is no newbie when it comes to music, as he has been putting out music since 2005. When asked who is on his wish list of future music collaborators, his response was, “I don’t have a wish list because I have collaborated with all the artistes that I wanted to work with already. Who is bigger than Vybz Kartel?” Jah Vinci did acknowledge that being signed to Notnice Records does have some amazing perks. The super producer, who has worked with a plethora of artistes such as Drake, Popcaan, Vybz Kartel, among many other greats, also acknowledges Jah Vinci as an amazing talent, who can stand amongst the greats himself.

The Versatility of Jah Vinci leaves him limitless. When listening to the artiste’s music, one can’t necessarily place him in any genre, as he has records that can be placed in categories such as Reggae, Dancehall and even Gospel. One thing that is undeniable about Jah Vinci, is that his talent and vocal range are nowhere close to average. Jah Vinci even brags that he can drink ice cold water, which is sometimes considered a singer’s kryptonite, and is still able to voice tracks with ease. This is not his only magic trick, as I observed him smoking on some herb while voicing a dubplate of his new song “Eye of the Storm,” which he recorded from beginning to the end without stopping once. If Da Vinci is considered one of the most talented individuals that ever lived, Jah Vinci has some huge shoes to fill. However, if Jah Vinci continues this trajectory, I believe musically he is in great company.

EYE OF THE STORM: In December 2020, Jah Vinci and his team at Notnice Records made a bold move and decided to release Jah Vinci’s first EP in the middle of a global pandemic. While this audacious move might seem risky to some, the release turned out to be an amazing catalyst that catapulted Jah Vinci’s career to a whole new stratosphere. His EP titled “I Am the World Singer” was very well received by Reggae and Dancehall Fans but it was his single “Virgin” that has taken the world by storm. “Virgin” debuted at #1 on iTunes Reggae chart and the music video has now garnered over 9 million views. Not only that, the song became viral as everyone began to create their own videos dancing to the song or singing their version of the hit single. It was evident that this was not a breakout single, “Virgin” was a SMASH! When asked how the song came to fruition Jah Vinci said “I remember writing the song and when I was done mi jus know seh it was a hit! I came to the studio and told Notnice mi nuh business weh yuh wah seh, is a hit song this. Then Notnice listen and seh yah mon, a it dis, this is a hit.” Obviously, they were both right, as “Virgin” is still going strong since its release in December 2020 and so is the entire body of work. I asked the singer how did he approach creating his EP and he states “People know Jah Vinci for being versatile. Sometime me feel like going hard core like when I came on the scene and first sing ‘Mama bawl woi when she see har son’ or ‘Watch yuh friends.’ So that was on the mindset going into the EP to make sure seh everybody have a song on the EP that they can relate to.”

NOTNICE: Super producer Notnice was able to join the interview and I saw firsthand the amazing chemistry between the two. When asked what the energy is like in the studio with producer Notnice, Jah Vinci states “From day one when Notnice gave me the ‘Big Bad’ riddim and I sang ‘watch yuh friends weh yuh smoke with and run joke wid,’ the chemistry been real from dem time deh. No ego involved, just a collective effort fi mek di ting work.” I asked Notnice what is it about Jah Vinci that made him decide to sign him and he said “He is a genuinely talented yout and from the first day me meet him, we just vibe on a next level. When we in the studio, we vibe out and collaborate because it’s a team effort.” These two men have been working together for a long time so it was amazing to see how elated they were over the success of the new EP. They are no stranger to hard work and understand that real success takes time.

POPULAR DEMAND: Jah Vinci is not taking his foot off our necks. In April, Jah Vinci decided to cater to his core fans, the ladies, and released another hot single called “Popular Demand.” The single is well-received and his fans are waiting with much anticipation to see if he will heat up the summer to the boiling point. With the success of “I Am The World Singer” EP and the crossover success of his smash single “Virgin,” it is safe to say it’s Jah Vinci’s world and his fans are happy to be living in it. Jah Vinci promises to keep the supply of good music coming, as he is in Popular Demand.

I don’t have a wish list because I have collaborated with all the artistes that I wanted to work with already.

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Jah Vinci

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