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  • August 6, 2021
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Kemar Highcon

Elite Chat with Kemar Highcon. The game is free but the “sauce” is sold separately.

After his break out single, “So Saucy” in 2018, Kemar has been given the moniker, “Sauce Boss”, a title he lives up to with his trendy fashion and sex appeal.

Dancehall’s newcomer, Kemar Highcon is quickly becoming the source for the “sauce.” After his breakout single, “So Saucy” in 2018, Kemar has been given the moniker, “Sauce Boss”, a title he lives up to with his trendy fashion and sex appeal.

Recently, Kemar sat down with Shawana Ebanks where he decided to spill the beans on his love life, relationship expectations, fashion, DM etiquette, and of course, his recipe for the sauce.

  1. What top five items should be in every man’s closet?
    KH: Every man should own a lint roller, a belt, lots of under shirts, lots of boxers which should be changed every six months and a signature fragrance. My current cologne is Baccarat.
  2. You have been called the “Sauce Boss,” what is the recipe for the sauce?
    KH: Dressing is not about wearing brands, it is about being yourself and expressing yourself through clothes.
  3. Are you interested in getting married one day?
    KH: Marriage can be a good thing, but I feel like a lot of relationships don’t work because there’s not a friendship. I wouldn’t say it’s a goal, but if it happens, it happens.
  4. What would it take for a woman to put Kemar Highcon on “lock down?”
    KH: It would take someone I am really attracted to. Everything starts from the eyes, people might say I am shallow, but I’m not. I need someone who understands me, I am very difficult to deal with. We should be friends, and be able to talk about anything!
  5. What is the most awkward date you’ve been on?
    KH: We went to a restaurant of her choice and she couldn’t decide what she wanted to eat, which ruined the entire night. I took her home and didn’t give her a good night kiss.
  6. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for a woman?
    KH: A picnic! Six bully beef sandwiches, on a blanket in a nice cool park with some nice lemonade. She appreciated it too! How many men you know make bully beef sandwiches and go to park?
  7. Do you like being pampered and catered to by your woman?
    KH: I like everything about a woman, but I like when she cuts my nails and washes my hair.
  8. Which body part is your favorite on a woman?
    KH: I like a girl with a nice derriere, and I love toes; it says a lot about how you take care of yourself.
  9. How often do you slide in girls’ DMs?
    KH: Not very often. There’s not a lot of oil spills for me to be sliding all over the place. If I am not confident enough, based on her interactions on my page, I won’t slide in.
  10. What is your go to line when sliding in the DMs?
    KH: I just send the eggplant emoji! (Laughs)
  11. What is the biggest lie you ever told a woman?
    KH: The biggest lie I told: that I am single! It got to the point where persons got hurt.
  12. Why did you break up with your last ex-girlfriend?
    KH: I got bored. Then I found her friends interesting!

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Kemar Highcon

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