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  • June 25, 2022
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The brand that gives best quality and luxury

Born out of the creative mind of a rebellious individual who has faced many trials and adversities, BAAD clothing co stands for much more than just fashion, it is a lifestyle. Though the brand was established in 2016, the rebellion started much earlier for the multi-talented entrepreneur Tamar Watson who from a young age has managed to use her afflictions as a source of motivation and creativity. Throughout Tamar’s childhood, she was introduced to circumstances that prompted her to embrace her passion for event planning as well as encouraged her to become versatile and adjust accordingly to her surroundings.

Tamar believes that these events helped her to develop an understanding of different cultures as well as the individuals around her and their lifestyles. In 2009 a tragic accident claimed the life of Tamar’s close friend, renowned Boxer Giselle Salandy, and left Tamar without the use of her legs for a year resulting in her taking a break from playing Football professionally and at her university at the time. Despite predictions from doctors that she would not be able to walk again, Tamar and her rebellious spirit persisted and were able to graduate with honors as well as return to playing football professionally with W connection in Trinidad. Because Tamar felt as though she was not able to give her best to the sport which she loved so dearly, she quit and moved forward to a job at the Office of the Prime Minister which she also left shortly after to start her first company, Brickhouse Events. Years later from Brickhouse events came Brickhouse Authentic Apparel Designs, otherwise known as BAAD. The brand was created with the intention to spark encouragement and motivation in its supporters and remind them that no matter where they come from they can overcome their limits. The logo in itself with its reversed letters is a symbol of rebellion and breaking boundaries.

When asked what the goal of the brand is, Tamar confidently responded, “We are the next high-end brand”. Each design and product is crafted with a message of love, quality, and success in mind and is tested before it is sent into mass production. As a result, BAAD can proudly boast of delivering what is the best quality available in Trinidad and if not the Caribbean. Drawing inspiration from Off White, Dior, Amari, and the late Virgil Abloh, BAAD seeks to embody this same level of luxury, quality, and style in a way that is welcomed by the Urban Caribbean community while retaining that sleek, simplistic look. Currently, they have a strong clientele in the majority of Caribbean islands as well as almost every state in the USA.They have also managed to develop a growing customer base in the UK, Paris, London, Germany, and Spain. Currently, they are expected to open their first outlet store in Trinidad in October. This store will be one of the few of its kind in Trinidad in that it will be equivalent to the brand-specific, luxury stores seen in the US and Europe.

They are also in the process of opening kiosks in malls across St.Kitts, Barbados, St Lucia, and Grenada. Since the official launch of the website this year, there has been an incredible response in regards to orders and web traffic but Tamar believes that these physical locations would be significantly more impactful and better received by her more reluctant or new clients. In the last quarter of 2019, several artistes reached out to BAAD and placed orders which resulted in one of the biggest turnovers the brand had seen since its inception. Since then BAAD has been supported by huge industry names such as Prince Swanny, Patrice Roberts, Medz Boss, and Teflon amongst others. BAAD has truly managed to break fashion barriers in the Caribbean and with such a dedicated and hardworking director behind the wheel, their continued success is imminent.

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