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  • August 6, 2021
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Seon Fernandez

Fashion & Style

A Connoisseur, is defined as an expert judge in matters of taste. To define Seon Fernandez as anything less would be an injustice! “Style is an embodiment of the threads you choose and the confidence you exude,” Seon shared, “It is your authentic expression of self and individuality, not conforming to societal norms!”

Fernandez reflected on his days growing up in Arima, a town in Trinidad and Tobago, and being styled for church by his mother Rosemary, who he described as having a great sense of style! He began experimenting with looks at a young age, often times pulling pieces from his mother’s clothing store and mimicking models. He grew a passion for fashion and tapped into his innate ability to pair the right pieces to create his own individual style. “After all, fashion can be bought, however, style is an art form that some are blessed with and others develop over time. My sense of style is a God-given talent,” Fernandez offered.

He migrated to New York City with his mother at age 17 and is currently a resident of Brooklyn. Fernandez embarked on a journey in fashion and became a model at age 21, modeling for a fashion show produced by Juelz Santana and Jim Jones. He has an extensive resume, which includes a modeling gig at New York Fashion Week, for Arjona Collection.

In 2017, Fernandez and a friend, decided to “take fashion into their own hands” and launched a clothing line, “Stylish Rebelz.” These two young men, who were knee deep in fashion, wanted to create a brand that represented what they stood for, being “Rebelliously stylish; breaking all the rules.” The brand met with much success, but with a different viewpoint and direction, Fernandez decided to dissolve the partnership in early 2021.

The Birth of Something New:
Summer 2021 will be the official launch of Eseon, a clothing line established by Fernandez, designed with passion and purpose, to merge threads of quality, comfort and luxe, at a price that is affordable to most. “It is not about having the most expensive brand, but producing pieces that are accessible by price, with a high-end look and feel,” Fernandez shared. In addition to being a “fashionpreneur,” Fernandez also offers style consulting services for any individual and all occasions, by incorporating the client’s unique style.

There are so many layers to this stylish powerhouse, which will be unveiled to his almost 10k followers in the near future. Keep an eye out for the newest brand on the block and remember, Fashion changes with the seasons; Style is EVERLASTING!

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Seon Fernandez

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