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  • December 9, 2021
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Denise Belfon 50 Years & Still The Wining Queen

50 Years & Still The Wining Queen. 50 Shades of Saucy

Denise Belfon has achieved many milestones in her life but this one takes the cake.  The iconic “Wining Queen” celebrates 50 years around the sun and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down.   With over 30 years of accolades in the music industry, Belfon is one of the hottest artistes in the Caribbean and she is still in high demand. Affectionately known to her fans as “Saucy Wow”, for her energetic, scintillating, raunchy performances, she has also earned the titles of Soca Diva and the Queen of Soca. To celebrate this milestone, we decided to take a dive into the world of the Wining Queen and discuss all things Denise Belfon with a little game called “Did You Know?”  

As a young girl in school, Denise Belfon was a football (soccer) player and was offered a scholarship to Howard University, to join the all-girls team. That dream was deferred, when Belfon suffered an injury that prevented her from taking advantage of the opportunity.  

Belfon has been singing since the age of nine, and was also a dancer and a model. Entertainment has always been in her blood.

When she was not performing and in the spotlight, Belfon taught gymnastics at the Belmont Junior Secondary school and at the YMCA. 

Belfon is of Saint Lucian and Trinidadian descent, but also has Grenadian, Barbadian, Jamaican, French, and African ancestry. 

Throughout her career, Belfon went on to record hot singles, such as “Hard Wuk”, “De Jammette”, “Saucy Baby”, “Indian Man”, “Panic” and the self-proclaiming single, “Wining Queen”, just to name a few. Belfon also recorded music outside of the Soca genre, most notably, a 2001 collaboration with New York house music duo, Masters at Work, entitled “Work.” 

Her stunning stage act is mind blowing, and even to this day, if you have been blessed to see Belfon’s recent performances, it is a confirmation that age is nothing but a number.  Belfon still holds the crown as the Wining Queen and if you believe that you can go and test her, think twice and don’t try, because she is still the ‘wining specialist’. Belfon has been a fan favorite at carnivals, and audiences throughout the Caribbean diaspora, North America, and even the UK, marvel at her stage presence and captivating voice.  

Now celebrating her 50th birthday, Denise Belfon is overjoyed at the fact that she still has a strong career. An elated Belfon expresses, “I can’t believe it, I’m so blessed. Every time I get to perform, no matter how big or small the stage is, I perform as if it is my last time on stage. The wining don’t stop.” Belfon shared that she took a break from performing for a few years and was a little scared of returning, but the music was calling her.  Now she is back and better than ever, under new management, Ace Management Music. Her single “Iz Ah Queen,” which is a collaboration with international DJ Big Skipp, is blowing up the airwaves, and the track “Real #1 Gyal” on the Boss Ladyzzz riddim, will be featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. You can also find Belfon at The Soca Brunch, every Saturday at Halsey Bar & Grill in Brooklyn, NY. 

In celebration of her big day, Belfon gave a special performance to her fans and labeled it “The Time Before Now.” The concert featured a timeline of her discography and of course, the Wining Queen delivered. She also released a new single called “Wetti Wetti”, that is as saucy as she is. When asked what motivates her to keep going, Belfon responds “My family and my love for the music keeps me going.  I feel like a new artiste because I’m hungry for the stage again, and when it comes to music and performing, I am a specialist!”

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Denise Belfon 50 Years & Still The Wining Queen

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