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  • September 3, 2020
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Majah Hype

Comedic Brilliance, Entertainment Mastermind, Caribbean Mogul

When humility, hard work and dedication are the foundation of your business, success is inevitable!Paired with a passion for building others, providing support and fully embracing ideals, values and culture, it is an elixir for rapid growth, respect and acceptance worldwide.

World-touring Comedian, DJ, Personality and Entertainer, Majah Hype, born and raised “from his mother” as he shared with Caribbean Elite, is a staple in the Caribbean community. This Caribbean-born, Brooklyn-raised comedian and entertainer was introduced to entertainment at the tender age of 8, when his grandfather, who was a member of a popular band in New York, took him on gigs throughout the city. Hype was a talented child, who played approximately 8 instruments, including the trombone, drums and alto saxophone. His exposure to entertainment, touring the city with his grandfather and his band, piqued his interest and enhanced his love for the stage.

In addition to being a member of a well-known band, Hype’s grandfather was also one of the co-founders of the Labor Day parade. His first viral video was one in which he compared Labor Day trucks on Eastern Parkway, and his decision to create this video was influenced by his grandfather’s contribution to the parade. Hype shared, “The entertainment portion of my life started with my grandfather at the foundation, giving me the opportunity to perform and inspiring my creativity.”

We asked Hype to officially confirm the Caribbean country in which he was born and before the sentence was completed, he laughed and stated, “I’m from my mother! Who knows, knows and who doesn’t know, is not paying attention.” He continued, “My goal is to unify the Caribbean instead of paying special focus to one nationality. We are ignorant to each other’s cultures,which result in a lack of respect at times. It is our duty to learn each other’s specialty, similarities and differences and my platform was created with the intent to highlight unique characteristics about each country’s culture and ideals, in an effort to promote respect and break silos.”

Prior to his success as a comedian and entertainer, Hype embarked on a career as a Disc Jockey. At the time, he felt instruments were phasing out and due to his love and respect for music and entertainment, becoming a DJ was an opportunity to remain close to music. Hype worked with Massive B, a popular New York sound company, working closely with Bobby Konders and Jabba, and gained a new level of respect for music throughout the years. He was referred to as the “comedian” of the crew, but made the decision, at that time, to “stay in my lane and stick to the music,” Hype offered.

His passion to learn and advance his career was evident and he soon expanded his musical resume by tapping into production; producing songs for artistes such as Taurus Riley, Gyptian, Lyrikal and Munga; to name a few. Hype shared that he soon became knowledgeable of the music industry, and due to some personal experiences, realized a number of artistes and producers faced unfair business practices. “I grew up thinking your talent will take you to the top, but the music industry taught me that this was inaccurate; you must have money and pay certain individuals or entities in order advance your career.”

At age 19, Hype had his first child, which lead him to manhood sooner than expected. He had a responsibility to provide for his child and his family and made a decision to seek steady employment. He was offered a job at Mass Transit, in NYC, as a certified electrician, and remained in that career for a number of years. Hype was laid off in 2012, which he saw as an opportunity to venture into entertainment again. At the time he was unsure if his avenue was comedy or music, but he was certain God would guide his decision.

He began making videos, in a tiny home studio in his East Flatbush residence in Brooklyn, NY, and after the success of his first viral video in 2013, he continued making videos and began to grow his audience. Hype had the ability to mimic the accents and characteristics of various Caribbean nationalities and with an iPhone, raw talent and the ability to be creative and innovative; started recording sketches, which became social media hot ticket items. His ability to accurately nail each accent, his depiction of how each culture addresses situations and the incorporation of memorable characters, made Hype a social media sensation in the Caribbean Diaspora.

In 2014, Mass Transit offered him his old position and he told himself, “fun’s over,” and returned to his career as an electrician. During this time, Hype felt a void; “I felt like I was turning my back on my audience and had given up on my dream.” One day, while reflecting on his career, he told his boss at Mass Transit that he was leaving to pursue his dream of being a comedian. His boss asked him why he was leaving a solid job, with a high rate of pay, for something uncertain, to which Hype responded, “This is my leap of faith.” Hype shared, “I made a decision to do what I love and what I was destined for, and here I am today.”

During his tenure with Mass Transit, Hype continued his career as a DJ, however, following his departure as an electrician, he told Bobby Konders he would have to step down as a DJ as he could not commit to the schedule. He was invited to do a standup comedy show at Baruch College in Manhattan, which lead to bookings in Canada, Trinidad and the UK to name a few places. He became an international sensation and balancing both careers became quite difficult.

In addition to his travels, Hype continued his sketches and introduced characters such as Di Ras, Mitzy, Grandpa James and Hector. These characters became quite popular with his fans and have remained a vital part of his brand; Mitzy and Di Ras being our absolute favorites!

The covid-19 pandemic has gravely affected the entertainment industry, and Hype’s projects were interrupted as a result. He received a deal with BET to film his own show, “The Majah Hype Show,” but was only successful with filming five episodes before production was halted. When the pandemic brought the world to a screeching pause, Hype took to his social media platforms to interact with his fans on a daily basis; having one on one sessions on IG live, hosting live DJ sessions and hosting DJ clashes on his platform. “As a Caribbean Ambassador, it was important for me to use my platform to promote others and provide an outlet for them to showcase their skills,” Hype said about the DJ clashes. He shared that it was also important to check in and talk to his fans as he knows many were affected by the pandemic.

Hype attests much of his success to a strong relationship with his management team stating, “Prince, Jason and I value each other, we have mutual trust and respect for each other’s roles.” He continued, “They believed in me, more than I believed in myself and I am truly thankful to have them on my team.”

Hype aims to unify the masses and in an effort to do so, recently launched a new app with longtime friend and business partner, Wes Hype Taylor, “ForUs360”, which is a worldwide directory of black-owned businesses. This was a call to action and came as a result of inequities of blacks in communities and the importance of black economic empowerment, which was the topic of many important conversations as a result of the recent blatant racial injustice of blacks.

Hype is constantly working and has a number of projects on the horizon. Expect a skit with a Kittitian accent in the near future; wait for it!

“It’s surreal; I’m told I’m a star, but I don’t look at myself as such, however I do acknowledge what I’ve accomplished and I consider myself blessed”

“People Name me the Caribbean King of Comedy, but that does not mean I stop working because I have that title; I have to maintain that title. The work never stops!”

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Majah Hype

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