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  • December 9, 2021
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J DaGod

Natural Born Hustler

DaGod is an ambitious artist born of Dominican and Puerto Rican decent. Born to parents from two different parts of the world, whose cultures did not mix, but they somehow found each other. J DaGod’s world was a constant mix. He went back and forth from the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, to the savage streets of South West Florida. At the tender age of twelve, he realized that he had a niche in writing poetry and took it up as a hobby.  However, around the age of thirteen, J DaGod’s writing transcended from poetry into music.  J DaGod is no stranger to music.  He was born in a musical family and was fortunate enough to witness great musical talent. Although his grandfather was in prison, he had a profound influence on him and made sure he did not follow in his footsteps. He would often talk to him about life, music and writing. J DaGod’s mother realized early on that he was destined for greatness.

She invested her time and energy to teach him what she knew about the music industry. Coming from a broken home with a single mother of four, J DaGod was no stranger to hardship.  He took his pain and struggle and put it in writing.  His music is filled with pain, passion and love, which radiates through his lyrics and the energy of his performances.  CEM asked, “What motivates you to continue this musical grind?”  he responded, “My son Jovani! I’m determined to show him that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to and never give up.  I spend a lot of time perfecting my craft and I want him to see that hard work always pays off.”  With his new team Connecting our Dream Entertainment and his own company Natural Born Hustlers, J DaGod is preparing to release his mixtape for fall 2021 and you can check out his new songs “I’m Lit” and “Chase A Bag” on all DSP’s.

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J DaGod

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