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  • August 6, 2021

She Will Raine

Soca music helps me escape from the world and distress

Sherane “Rane” Blackman is a singer/songwriter who is passionate about Caribbean music. Representing the land of Calypso and steel pan, Trinidad and Tobago, though relatively fresh on the scene, Rane is no stranger to the microphone.

Rane is passionate about all types of music from Gospel, to Reggae, Dancehall to R&B. However, what has captivated her heart is Soca. Rane states “Soca music helps me escape from the world and distress. I also have the soundtrack of the Sound of Music on my iTunes; it is one those soundtracks that makes me feel at peace.” In 2014, she crafted her first Soca song. However she held off on releasing it to complete her education. After she attained her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies, she decided it was time to release her song and venture into the Soca industry. In October 2018, she released her first single “Ms. Whiner.” Since then, she’s been determined to understand the ins and outs of the Soca industry to further flourish her career.

Rane considers herself to be a free spirit, and an old soul wrapped in one. Her music transcends with the words she writes, and she creates music that reflects her personality. Rane is influenced by many artistes within the Caribbean music industry such as, Soca artistes like Nadia Batson, Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez, Destra Garcia and Terri Lyons. According to her, the energy these women possess inspires her music, these women are the “epitome of strength as female artistes.”

Her long-term goal is to be a household name, working with the best producers in the business and conquering all streaming platforms and radio stations.

Her latest single “My Behavior” is available on all platforms. It’s a song we all can relate to, the way music takes over our body and, in some cases, can alter our behavior acting in the most jubilant forms.

You can find Rane’s music on all streaming platforms and YouTube.

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She Will Raine

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