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  • August 6, 2021
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DJ Nunu

The Future is Female! Representing Ladies In Entertainment

DJ Nunu has been in the DJ game since 2008 and is one of Brooklyn’s most versatile Dj’s. Traveling from state to state and different countries to spread her talent. Her passion has always been music and she has the determination and drive that will continue to make her successful. At 5’0 she rocks the crowd, a true entertainer. She lets her music do the talking for her and you should listen.

What made you decide to become a DJ? My love for music, to be a DJ is an incredible art that I’ve always wanted to learn. I noticed that it was only a very small amount of female DJ’s in the industry. I saw a path for Female DJ’s and I wanted to be able to later on become of the greatest.

How do you gauge your audience to know what to play? I always try to reach the events I’m playing for at least an hour or an hour and a half before my scheduled play time. I do this to hear what the previous DJ before me is playing so I make sure not to repeat the same songs. I also walk through the event as well to get a feel of how the people in the crowd are reacting to the music.

You are a very versatile DJ and play everything from Soca to Reggae and Dancehall. What is your favorite segment to play that you are known for? I always like to play different genres and feature new music. But, I must admit I love playing SOCA! That adrenaline rush when I’m playing Soca is unmatched. A few DJ’s I look up to are Back to Basics, Riggo Suave and Dj Maya.

You are very much in high demand right now. What is a goal that you are aiming to achieve in the field of entertainment? The Future is Female! Female DJ’s need more recognition in the entertainment field. If I’m able to help with that representation in anyway way I would be happy. I continue to work hard and always strive to be the best that I can be and beyond.

Do you have any industry crushes? There’s this Female DJ that I’ve been watching for years now, her name is Dj Nunu. Check her out!

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DJ Nunu

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