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  • November 28, 2020
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DJ Young Chow

Not Just a Brand, But a Lifestyle!

I want to be as huge as the David Guettas and the DJ Khaleds of the world, so I still have work to do.

Young Chow has strategically and innovatively used his experience and expertise as a world-touring DJ to build a brand, which comprises of fashion, investments, entrepreneurship and more!

Young Chow’s career as a DJ started at the tender age of 10. “I grew up watching my father DJing at all the big Soca events and this inspired me to not only become a DJ, but to become internationally known,” Chow shared. He transitioned from playing in Club Element and Soca Arena back in the day, to present day being a resident DJ at the world’s biggest and most well-known Hip Hop radio station, Hot 97! When asked how such a young, fresh DJ come across such a huge opportunity, Chow expressed that his popularity made him a hot commodity as he was sought after by various establishments to host parties. While working closely with Legendary DJ Mr. Cee, Chow was invited to the Hot 97 radio station at 19 years old and the rest was history!

The Pandemic Pivot

The world has now converted from in person entertainment to virtual experiences. If you have been living under a rock, then you have missed some jaw dropping virtual experiences curated by the prolific DJ Young Chow. Chow used his platform to entertain the masses with Instagram live sessions and inviting others to join his live. Chow coined the term “Ride Out” during these live sessions and it has since became a pandemic catch phrase. Chow hosted two major virtual parties, in collaboration with Kevin Crown and Riggo Suave and as social distancing guidelines were lifted, hosted a SOLD OUT birthday party in Atlanta.

The Genre of Soca

Chow became a staple in the Soca community and has been in high demand for all major Soca events worldwide. Soca music is the meat and bones of Carnival and there is no Carnival without DJ Young Chow! Ingrained in the Soca community, he released his first single, “Waist Gal,” produced by Ricky Blaze in 2016 and plans to release more music in the future.

Although Carnivals are canceled indefinitely, Chow realized there were bigger fish to fry, and so, joined the movement to make Soca music its own genre. “I think it’s a disrespect to the artists and to the culture. The Labor Day parade, hosted in Brooklyn, NY, is one of the largest parades in America and it is baffling that the music that drives that movement is not recognized,” Chow shared.


The role of a DJ is very important and success is no stranger to DJ Young Chow. Not only is he one of the most requested Caribbean DJs, but he has also headlined arenas and toured with some of the Caribbean’s most elite artists such as Shenseea, Machel, Konshens, Gyptian and many more. In fact, Chow, so phenomenal, was nominated for a 2015 Global Spin Award, which is the highest award a DJ can achieve. We asked Chow to describe what it is like to be on this level and he offered, “It was an overwhelming feeling at first. Being around so many amazing DJs was inspiring, but the goal is to win and take it further. I want to be as huge as the David Guettas and the DJ Khaleds of the world, so I still have work to do.” It is important to note that Chow is not only versed in Caribbean music; he is well-rounded, playing all genres of music. He represented Funk Flex’s Big Dawg Pitbull Crew.

The Entrepreneur

While he was born to DJ, entrepreneurship is embedded in his bones! Chow is a trendsetter, social media influencer, and a businessman. Chow recently joined the list of young, black restauranteurs, as he partnered with the owners of Suede Restaurant and opened a local eatery, Caribbean Kitchen, located in Brooklyn, NY. We took the opportunity to ask the well-rounded businessman, “who is Young Chow” and he reflected, “Young Chow has many levels and different personalities. If I can make someone laugh, dance and even entertain myself, then I’m doing my job. For me this is not just a job, but it is a way of life and I am blessed to be doing what I love!”

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DJ Young Chow

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