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  • August 6, 2021
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Caribbean Comedy at it’s Best

Next level talent

Cashment Entertainment is one of Jamaica’s leading multi-media production and entertainment companies. Our success is motivated by our desire to create a platform that showcases the raw talent of local Jamaican musicians and comedians. We have managed and promoted several successful musical artists, collaborated with top names such as the Queen of Dancehall, Grace Hamilton, a.k.a. Spice, as well as released numerous hit songs. Our musical platform has provided an easier transition into the industry for our country’s young talent and continues to provide many opportunities for the promotion of growth and success. Furthermore, we are consistently working to expand our platforms and introduce our new venture to take Jamaica’s comedic talents to the next level.

876 Roommates is a reality TV series based on young comedians and pranksters from various communities in Jamaica. With the whole world watching their lives being captured in a 30-minute episode, which will be aired Sundays 9 PM on CVM TV , and live stream on the first Inline Ja platform, starting this summer. They will be asked to perform various competitive challenges while contending for the grand prize of $1 Million JMD.

This series will highlight the amazing beauty of our island’s most prominent landmarks and the abundance of talents it continues to offer. We have an amazing influential cast consisting of 15 talented and creative comedians. The list includes a combination of established and upcoming comedians such as; World Dawg, Deno Crazy, Valdomore, Kimmy K Loud, KillaMilla_Scandalbagent, Abelboss. C.uz, Swiiss_lee, Babajaay, Hatt dogg, Lexi_dbess, Kyngtavii, Lando_dmajor_, Wayshae and Arjay_lol. They all have a combined total following of 5+million followers who support their work, and are invested in their success. Jamaica’s young ambitious talents are strategically placed in a competitive atmosphere

that challenges their abilities and put their talents to the test. The challenges will be conducted in different scenic locations across the country with the echoing sound of Who will win the grand prize of $1Million JMD in cash and prizes?

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Caribbean Comedy at it’s Best

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