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  • September 6, 2022
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Energy The Dancer

During your life, never stop dreaming and working. No one can take away your dreams

Energy is a skilled choreographer and dancer from St. Catherine, Jamaica. Energy is the creator and innovator of popular dances such as the “Shamballarock” (along with Shamballa King), “Swing the Energy”, and “No Weakness”. Jamaica is the root foundation for Reggae and Dancehall, so growing up Energy had the advantage of learning from so many great performers. Energy credits all of the dancers and artistes of the Reggae/Dancehall genre, especially “Bogle” who was Jamaica’s most notable Dancer.

Growing up in Jamaica as a youth watching Bogle and Michael Jackson, Energy always knew he would one day be a famous dancer. Watching all the people in his neighborhood look good and execute tough dance moves inspired him. As a Dancehall dancer Energy said that he gets to represent Jamaica, teach people a crafty skill, make people happy, and get paid while doing it.

Energy has worked on projects with many of Jamaica’s Reggae and Dancehall artistes. Along with a ton of mainstream U.S. artistes. Projects like “Nah Mean” with Nas, Damian Jr Gong Marley, Drake, and many others. Energy’s debut movie appearance was Nick Cannon’s movie tribute to Jamaica “King of Dancehall”. Energy has choreographed pieces for performances all over the world. Energy originally was a Chi Ching Ching dancer and a member of the “Get There Squad.” Energy’s latest project with Jamaica’s own “Guidance”, “Boysie” and Real Flava “Shamballa Rock” is one of the official Jamaican Summer Jams.

Energy’s love & style of dance are incorporated into each routine. He has taught classes in England and Columbia. Next Stop, Africa, Japan, Central America, U.S.A, Sweden, South America, and everywhere else the love of dance is embraced. Energy’s motivation is to do the work of God and take care of his family.

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Energy The Dancer

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