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  • November 28, 2020
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Youtube Soca Channel “JulianspromosTV” Hits 1 Million Subscribers!

1 million followers on a streaming platform for Soca isn’t just a number.

1 million can be depicted as just a regular number, a very large number. However, for Soca the meaning behind it goes deeper. For the first time ever, a media marketing agency dedicated to the ever-growing musical genre, was able to capture over 1 million subscribers, over 1 million intrigued Soca lovers all in one place. In a music industry that determines an artiste’s and genre’s worth not solely by talent, but by how loyal of a following it can hold and the numbers to prove this. It’s another step along the line in getting Soca recognized worldwide as a legitimate force in music.

How do artists benefit from your platform?

Soca music has a unique structure and whether people like to admit it or not, it’s seasonal. The listeners, the artists, the traffic, the finances and the releases are all seasonal. Our team at JP has been able to time this pattern perfectly over the 10 years we’ve been doing this. Because of this seasonal set up, artists aren’t able to build a large following online individually. Even the largest artists in Soca could be much larger outside of a seasonal structure. Having a spot to showcase all the music, where fans can gather, helps the artists who would not be able to draw their own fan base. We have some of the most viewed playlists out there, some of which average over 10 million views a year.

All these views generated translate to revenue earned on our YouTube channel, which is paid directly to the content owners and their digital distributors. Our channel generated around $500,000 USD for artists yearly; all of which are paid directly to content owners directly through YouTube. We try to get good songs as much exposure as possible, especially within the current Soca structure, of having at times 2,000 songs released in a 3 month span, in a genre that doesn’t have a large number of promotional outlets as others. As a result, many songs get lost and it is impossible for radio and djs to handle this number of songs at once, and equally impossible for listeners to absorb this much content in one shot; so we try our best to curate them online.

What has been one of your happiest moments in business?
Whenever we see a new artist being successful that makes us happy or when a project we had some involvement in does amazingly well. Every year we try new ideas and partnerships so it’s great to see things exceed expectations.

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