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  • September 6, 2022
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Krave The Band

KRAVE The Band is an international Carnival Mas Band that began its journey in Barbados for Cropover 2014.
The goal of KRAVE from inception was to bring Cropover to the World or the World to Cropover.

Over the years, my wife, Tracy Boyce and I, Avery Hackett as retuning Bajans, noticed there were very few Americans or West Indians living in America participating in our local festival. Our mission was to change that. In doing so, we have now evolved into a true International Band Brand with partnerships in Trinidad, Jamaica, St Martin, Atlanta, St Lucia, Bermuda, Grenada, Nottinghill, Miami and St. Kitts.

As our brand began to grow, our core values have remain the same quality over quantity when we say VIP, we mean VIP Not just a band, it’s an experience.

Once we began to understand our role in this arena, we became even more focused on putting out a quality product, delivering on time costume distribution and providing an experience tailored around carnival newbies. We wanted to ensure that their introduction to carnival was a great one which would encourage them and others like them to again participate in our festival.

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Krave The Band

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