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  • November 28, 2020
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Costa Rica

Beautiful Costa Rica, the Rich Coast

Costa Rica is a paradise waiting to be discovered! Known as the “Rich Coast,” the country is located in Central America and is ranked as one of the most visited international destinations. One of Costa Rica’s main source of income is tourism and it is filled with a plethora of attractions. The culture, the food, the greenery and the excursions, are just some of the characteristics that make Costa Rica a traveler’s playground. Twenty-six percent of the country is composed of natural protected territory and conservation, which is the most attractive part of Costa Rica.


Covering 5,921 sq. Miles of the island and more than 400 miles of coast line, Guanacaste has become one of the most visited areas in Costa Rica. It is home to a very important section of Costa Rica’s cultural and natural heritage, making it a tourism magnet. The incomparable beauty of its landscapes, which ranges from tropical dry forests to lowland mountain forests, its warm climate, as well as its flourishing nature, makes Guanacaste one of the most developed areas because of its high level of investment in the hotel industry. All along the Guanacaste coastline are a number of beaches with intense-blue waters where you can swim in their warm Pacific Ocean waters. If you are visiting Costa Rica, be sure to add Guanacaste to your itinerary and plan to stay posted for a few days to truly enjoy all that province has to offer.

The Sites

Arenal Volcano National Park and La Fortuna: La Fortuna is a town in the Northern Plains, home to the majestic Arenal Volcano and one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica because of its natural and geological wealth and the wide range of tourist activities. The Arenal Volcano is an active volcano, although its activity has significantly decreased since 2011. There continues to be two very different landscapes in its structure: a cover of dense, green vegetation, and another dominated by lava and sand of the last eruptions. Add this amazing excursion to your itinerary as its view is spectacular!

Hot Springs of La Fortuna

While visiting Costa Rica, the most amazing experiences is visiting the hot springs of La Fortuna. The hot waters from the Arenal Volcano are rich in minerals associated with health, so it is one of the most visited sites in the country for relaxation and enjoying an extraordinary natural landscape in the rainforest. The average temperature of the water is 37 degrees Celsius and runs freely into the river. You can actually see the steam rising from the water while surrounded by beautiful greenery. It is truly a sight to see.

Bajos del Toro Amarillo Waterfalls

The area of Bajos del Toro, located at 1,442 meters above sea level, conceals natural treasures. The biggest of all are the Toro Amarillo Waterfalls, measuring 90 meters high, and is formed from the union of three rivers. The water is high in mineral content that makes the landscape a fairy tale scene. There are also hotel accommodations in this area that offers the experience of the extraordinary ecosystem without the interference of modern technology.

The Food

Afro Caribbean dishes. The Caribbean region is famous for traditional dishes including rondon (a mix of vegetables with beef, chicken, fish, or turtle meat). They are also known for their fish, which is prepared three ways: stew, pickled, or fried. One of the popular dishes from Costa Rica is sancocho, which is chicken with tomato, yucca, potato and sweet potato. After having all of these delicacies don’t forget to wash it down with some “agua de sapo” or “hiel,” a very popular drink made with ginger, lime, and panela.

The People

Costa Rica is known for a lot of things, but its richness also lies in the cultural diversity of its people. Currently, there are ethnic groups and colonies of immigrants, which includes African descendants, Chinese, Hebrew and Lebanese; as well as their indigenous populations such as the Bribri and Cabe to name a few. Costa Ricans are a proud people with an inviting presence and they are always ready to offer up information on places to visit and hidden spots that are coveted by the locals. Explore the coast and discover the many hidden gems of Costa Rica!

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Costa Rica

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