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  • September 6, 2022
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Trinidad and Tobago

Indulge the beauty and richness of the Island

The Land of Soca and Sun:
Located in the Southern part of the Caribbean archipelago, the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a tropical haven filled with an abundance of natural and festive attractions with an equally beautiful and rich multicultural background. Home of the Limbo dance, Soca, Steelpan, culinary masterpieces, and an array of natural wonders there is something sure to excite every crowd.

The Greatest Show on Earth:
Host of the biggest Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean, Trinidad carnival is the place to be. This festival season starts around January and ends on Ash Wednesday. The lead-up entails over 100 fetes and events which provide patrons with the unforgettable experience of paint, powder, water, and Mas. The more traditional events such as Panorama, Calypso and Soca Monarchs, Kings and Queens Competitions, Ole mas, and J’ouvert allow for an insight into the historical meaning and true roots of this celebration and the unique musical art forms which were spawned as a result.

Natural Beauties:
Home to the La Brea Pitch Lake, natural caverns and caves, and scenic hiking trails which lead to majestic waterfalls, pools, rivers and even beaches this is a paradise for any nature enthusiast. These native wonders are the natural habitat of over 470 species of birds and 600 butterflies as well as multiple other wildlife creatures. For the less adventurous spirits, there are over 50 beaches and 100 rivers spread over the country each with their special activities to make your experience worth wild.

Flavor fuh so:
Being the melting pot of cultures that it is, the island is famous for many unique foods which have been inspired by our Amerindian, African, Indian, Chinese, and Spanish ancestors. Indulge in the ever-famous hot and spicy doubles or head out to your local street vendors on a weekend for some Bar-B-Que, Roast pork, Souse or Fried fish. A variety of Curried and Stewed meats and vegetables with a side of provisions, roti, or rice can also be picked up at multiple local food joints. There is no shortage of sweets either, be it traditional delicacies made from coconut and molasses or an icy snow cone and homemade ice cream.

The finer things:
For a taste of the luxurious side, there are several 5-star quality resorts, hotels, and restaurants located across the island, most with a breathtaking view sure to add that special detail to your experience. There are also multiple luxury villas and houses which are available for rent in the city or on the beach ideal for romantic, family, or fun friend getaways. Throughout the island are also many posh lounges and clubs which allow for a VIP experience of clubbing and artist performances nightly.

The Trinis themselves:
Due to our rich genetic make-up, while on this island you are guaranteed to interact with a plethora of persons each with a unique background. Year-round you can gain insight into the multiple religious and cultural celebrations, most of which are recognized as public holidays. Ranging from the religious holidays of Eid Ul Fitr in the Muslim community to Divali in the Hindu community as well as recognitional observances such as Spiritual Shouter Baptist Day, Emancipation Day, and First Peoples day there is always something new to witness in this multicultural society. Whether you choose to visit Trinidad as an explorer, fester, vacationer, or masquerader you are sure to have an experience worth your wild.

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Trinidad and Tobago

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