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  • September 6, 2022
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“So Good” New Single Out Now!

“I try to incorporate the rhythms that we use in Reggae, Dancehall, and Soca music as far as how it’s sung and the words I use, but I always show my R&B side too,” explains Devaney. This balance of sounds mirrors the singer and songwriter’s journey; Devaney has divided her life between Toronto Canada, and the small Grenadine island of Bequia (St.Vincent and the Grenadines). This unique experience has formed the artist’s current music releases, and the singer is expected to show even more of herself on her forthcoming EP.

In 2019, Devaney releases her first debut R&B EP, Time Will Tell. Selling out her first live show at The Drake Hotel in Toronto, the EP made top playlists on Apple Music and Spotify, including Fresh Finds, New Music Friday, Just Vibin’, and also landed rotation worldwide in popular retail store H&M.

Although creating a name for herself in Toronto, “Something was calling me to go back home.” Devaney explains, “I felt very limited where I was at musically.” Looking onwards and moving back to St.Vincent, Devaney is excited to share her new music. Leading with her first single release “So Good”, Devaney notions that her forthcoming EP will be very expressive and fun. She says “Everyone will get a chance to know who I am and what I’m about.”

Driven by pulsating drums, sultry guitars, and deep bass lines, she takes us down memory lane to a moment most of us can relate to when we met that special someone who we share a hot, steamy connection between the sheets with; that can be described simply as “So Good”! With her Dancehall-Esque and soca lyrical approach riding the waves of an afro-centric beat she’s bound to put you back in that “So Good” moment

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