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  • August 6, 2021
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Born Fi Dis – Vybz Kartel

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If there is any contemporary individual who fulfils his purpose, it is renowned Jamaican DJ Vybz Kartel. He is credited by many as one of the greatest lyricists that have graced the music industry. Kartel continues to dominate Dancehall with his new album “Born Fi Dis”.

The album features records like “More than a Friday”, a classic Kartel party track, with great deal of replay value. In it, the dj empowers women and lets them know they are “more than a one-night stand”. The skillful transitions between his singing and deejaying, also make the song a great listen.

“Money over Love” (ft. Skikka Rymes) highlights how the artistes know their audience, with the title of the track being a sentiment shared by many. The djs’ cadences ultimately contribute to this song standing out, as their voices work well together, while complementing the beat.

“Paparazzi” is an ode to “fashion over style”. Style may be more routine and conventional, but fashion contains that element of confidence and self-expression, that is unique to an individual. It is a refreshing take on what is worthy of paparazzi’s attention, and shows exactly why Adidja Palmer is “Born Fi Dis”.

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Born Fi Dis – Vybz Kartel

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