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  • January 19, 2021
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Munga Honorable

Munga Honorable Serenades Us Once Again with Sophomore Album ‘Shine Your Light’

The latest album from Munga Honorable follows a different pattern than what is expected of the dancehall star. Meaning, it’s not just the fast-paced spitting of rhymes and the rebellious appeal- it’s a multi-genre, cornucopia of rhythms and lyrics delivered effortlessly throughout the 13-track album that literally “shines a light” on the recording artist who is renewed and ready to form an even brighter path.
It’s been a long road to ‘Shine Your Light’ as the album is called, having not released any albums since his debut in 2012. (Bad From Mi Born)
With the official release on December 4, which coincided with the inaugural staging of ‘Hapilos Sip & Stream’ featuring a livestreamed performance by Munga Honorable, the album is already getting glowing reviews.

“The lyrical prowess and flawless flows conveyed on tracks like “Expensive”, “Clueless Joe”, and “Link Up”, stem from the mind of an artist who values reading and who also has interesting social views especially on the education system in Jamaica.

The compilation was described in an article by recognized national newspaper Jamaica Gleaner as one that “uncovers a vulnerability and maturity”, as it pointed to the content of lyrics and delivery.
‘Shine Your Light’ which is distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution company trended in the top 40 on Apple Music within the first week of its release and continues on a noteworthy trajectory into international mainstream markets with most of the tracks up to over 100,000 streams across the various digital streaming platforms.

In the time between his recordings, Munga has released numerous singles, and several collaborations but none like “Mind Pon Di Millions” where the artiste enlisted fellow dancehall entertainer Teejay for the high-powered track. The collaborative efforts of the artistes and the Jamaica-based producers credited, Luigi Society and Gran One Muzik, makes for an explosive modern dancehall bomber as the recording artistes ride the signature bassline as they launch lyrical torpedoes.

With this year being a prominent year for R&B, Afrobeat and Pop vibes, Munga has made it all the more engaging with tracks like “In My Room” and “Electrifying” where he sheds the usual tough-talking character to reveal a suave, smooth-tongued charmer in the slow serenades.

Munga Honorable who is known for a slew of hits Bad From Mi Born, Nah Mad (Ova Nuh Gyal) and recently Clueless Joe (which is the 12th track on the album) says he has matured in every sense of the word.
“To call myself a man, I must be receptive to learning… and over the years I have learnt so many lessons that have been fundamental to my personal and professional growth and has made me a better lyricist, performer and ultimately a better person. Listeners of this album will not be disappointed and will see through my eyes, the world.”

The 36-minute project is bound to open eyes, ears and hearts to a whole new world of music from the entertainer. But Munga Honorable not only shows his intellect and maturity on this, his long-awaited sophomore album like no other; he channels a meditative and level-headed character that knows the secret formula required to balance the comedic satire, that made avid supporters of his music fall in love with him in the first place, within thought-provoking literature.

MGMT- Luigi Society
(876) 492-5457

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Munga Honorable

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